Lucky Fridays

 Try your luck on Friday!

Every Thursday we will list the headband category so you can get your headband photo ready. We will also annouce the headband that is up for grabs so you know what your trying to win. At some point on Friday we will release the colour of the headband that we are looking for. If you are lucky and have the right colour in your picture and are the first person to post your picture of yourself in that headband to [email protected], the chosen headband prize is yours. 

Step 1: Category clue released on Thursday is Bow Down 

Step 2: Take a picture of yourself wearing a Bow Down headband

Step 3: Email the picture on Friday when you see our colour clue to [email protected]

Step 4: If you are wearing our Lucky Friday colour and is the first to email it after the colour clue is announced, then you win a free headband!

New Rule: The winner of Lucky Friday must send a second picture of the Sereni&Shentel label or the Kuching Cat coin on the lucky headband to prove its authentic.

Note: Picture must have you in it, wearing a single headband and must be the first picture after the colour clue is released on our wall in order to win.

*International winner would have to pay for shipping fees.