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Sereni & Shentel headbands are handmade headbands made in Borneo by a team of artisans with a love for head turning and whimsical hair accessories. The headbands range from hand stitched bejeweled pieces to pearl encrusted bridal tiaras to demure Lolita-esque bows.

Sereni & Shentel is all about decoration without explanation. It is about having fun and a laugh with your look and injecting individuality into any fashion situation. The pieces are conversation starters, they are not dull or discreet. Eye catching, memorable and mad with a bit of humour is what the label is all about.

Choose from a wide range of headbands for adults, children and babies for any occasion ranging from Hen’s Veils for the bride-to-be, rhinestone encrusted party hats for the birthday girl to elaborate yet comfortable baby bands for baptisms.

Sereni & Shentel also offer custom headbands and have an interactive online application that allows customers to customize their headbands based on their popular Blair and Block Party styles.


Sereni & Shentel was founded by best friends Sereni Linggi and Shentel Lee in 2009. Shentel is a graphic designer and Sereni is a Mall Manager with a Property Management company. They are a perfect marriage of creativity and practicality.

The brand was founded in 2009, spurred on by a wardrobe crisis. Excited to be attending a Lady Gaga concert in Singapore in October 2009, Sereni and Shentel thought it was only fitting to make an effort to dress up a little out of the ordinary – an homage to the Lady herself.

The girls jumped online in search of appropriate headgear and found Gaga-esque moulded hair bow headbands to wear to the concert.

When the parcel arrived and the girls excitedly plucked them out of the box, they discovered that the headbands were so poorly constructed that they literally fell apart within minutes. Devastated and only hours to go before they had to depart, they decided to salvage the situation and create their own version of the Gaga bow using ribbon and rhinestones.

They arrived like true fans decked in their DIY Gaga t-shirts and matching headgear ready to party. It turned out that Lady Gaga was not the only one drawing attention that night. Sereni and Shentel soon found themselves surrounded with fans of their own. Like true devotees swamped around the memorabilia stand wanting to take a little piece of the night home with them, concert goers found themselves drawn to the girls wanting to know where they could buy the headbands. The headbands attracted so much attention that a picture of Shentel wearing the headband appeared in the Singapore newspapers the next morning. From the encouraging response, the girls made headbands for Sereni to wear to a regional magazine shoot and cheekily created the brand Sereni & Shentel and an online store just for fun. Little did they know that this would create the revival of a headband trend in Malaysia as local media picked up on the brand. After numerous features in magazines and Malaysian television, the two accidental headband designers decided to start up a legit business to cope with the overwhelming demand.

In less than two years, they have shot to fame with their brand as well as themselves appearing in Harper’s BAZAAR, GLAM, Bride to Be Australia, CLEO, FAMOUS, NW, Malaysian Woman’s Weekly, Singapore STYLE gracing the covers of Malaysian Tatler and appearing in Singapore Tatler, Blogs and Malaysian Breakfast TV show Ntv7. The girls have collaborated with Lancome and Miss Universe Malaysia. Recently, Sereni & Shentel headbands were seen on US hit TV shows GOSSIP GIRL as well as DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES.

Today, they are both still pursuing their intended professions, as well as their accidental one as headband designers.

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