nice day for a white wedding

Well yesterday I finally got registered in Malaysia. That's right, I have been living in sin for two years. Bob came into my office, got on one knee and asked me to marry him after lunch. He even got me a bouquet of flowers! What better way to doll up for a quickie signing then to pop on a custom kiss me please! bride to be (we added a bit of lace to jazz it up a bit). The signing was over the top cute, with a bridal arch that was thirty years old (it could do with a good dry clean if you ask me) and blinking love wall, but the best thing was that the man who registered us didn't even wear any shoes. To see a best of the best video shot by video extraordinaire Elizabeth Lee click here. Elizabeth and I were messing around while waiting and decided to use the office as a mock chapel. She entertained the dismal crowd while I hummed.

xoxo Shentel