HEY MACARENA. Are you ready for some Cinco de Mayo madness?








Sereni & Shentel together with The Fancy Breakfast Club and Cove 55 are hosting a Mexican themed pop up restaurant in conjunction with the release of Sereni & Shentel’s Hey Macarena collection. It will be the first pop up for KL based caterer The Fancy Breakfast Club in Sarawak.

Held for a week from 11 May to 17 May 2015 at the award winning boutique resort Cove 55 in Buntal, diners are invited to celebrate Cinco de Mayo with brunch or dinner throughout the week.

Brunch will be charged at RM85* per head and includes a semi buffet, main course and dessert. Dinner will be at RM128* per head including a semi buffet, main course and dessert. Diners are required to book and pay in advance by booking online at sereniandshentel.com. With limited seating available, interested diners are encouraged to book early. Price are inclusive of 6% GST.

Rooms at Cove 55 are available for booking by emailing [email protected].

In conjunction with the pop up restaurant, Sereni & Shentel along with their sister brand Bowerhaus will also have a pop up shop at the premises with their Hey Macarena collection and other limited edition pieces available for purchase. A small café will also be available in the shop for light refreshments.

Various Cinco de Mayo fiesta fun have been lined up for the week with a photo booth, Mariachi band, piñatas, limbo and cocktails!

For more information, please email [email protected].

Book your tickets here.

(*Drinks not included, GST included.)

Happy New Year 2012!

Woooohooo! It is time to welcome in the New Year!

We are ushering the year 2012 with a heaps of sparkle.
Buy a Mandy and get a Ice Ice Baby Shiny of your colour choice for free.
Offer only available on the 1st January 2012.
Headbands for this promotion comes in ONE cloth bag.
One per customer. Repeat orders will be canceled. Customs not included. Tai Tai Nights Collection not included.

*Free Shipping for orders within Malaysia only. 

Christmas Promotion

Merry Christmas!

Purchase an Akeem and get a FREE Limited Edition Mini Block Party of your choice. 

Wishing you a Merry Christmas.
Purchase an Akeem and get a FREE Limited Edition Mini Block Party of your choice.
Offer only available on the 25.12.2011
One per customer. Repeat orders will be cancelled. Customs not included.

Bespoke Thursday


Bespoke Thursdays 

Every Thursday, we will be releasing a WHACK BE SEEN OR GO HOME limited edition bespoke headband. These one of a kind pieces will only be available for a limited time. It is time for you to drop all inhibitions and give in to your inner fashionista. Wear them for parties, special occasions or even down to the supermarket. Sometimes all a girl (or boy) needs is a little Gaga-esque bravado to make it work!

Lucky Friday 11.11.11


We will release a headband category on Friday and we are giving you the chance to SHOUT OUT your Lucky Headband colour on our facebook wall! You can see our wall at www.facebook.com/sereniandshentel. At some point on Friday we will release the colour of the headband that we are looking for. If you are lucky and have the right colour in your picture and are the first person to post your picture of yourself in that headband to [email protected], you will win a custom blair that you can design on our website. 

Take a picture of yourself in all your SS headbands! 

Try your luck this Friday!

Step 1: Category clue released is a Block Party.

Step 2: Take a picture of yourself wearing a Block Party headband and wait for the colour we post on Facebook.

Step 3: Email the picture on Friday when you see our colour clue to [email protected]

Step 4: If you are wearing our Lucky Friday colour and is the first to email it after the colour clue is announced, then you win a free headband!

Note: Picture must have you in it, wearing a single headband and must be the first picture after the colour clue is released on our wall in order to win.

*International winner would have to pay for shipping fees.

It is time to trick or treat with Sereni & Shentel

Trick or Treat

Coming this 31st October 2011
This Halloween it is time to TRICK or TREAT with Sereni & Shentel.
Purchase your TRICK or TREAT online and wait to see what Sereni & Shentel have in store for you for Halloween.
RM90 or USD30
One per customer. Limited number available.
Repeat orders will be cancelled.

Happy Malaysia Day!



To mark the anniversary of independence we have created this truly Malaysian limited edition blair! 

 Offer is valid on the 16th September. When doing bank to bank payments please put your order number in the transaction description.


Coming soon… ALPHABET BAGS!



A little bit of the UK is coming our way!Alphabet Bags are made from 100% heavy-weight cotton and have been stitched and screen printed in the UK. Just like our headbands they are hand made with care and stem from a passion of creating all things nice. Grab your Alphabet Bag and Block Party (colour of your choice) for USD35 or RM105.

baby baby baby OH!


Available online: www.marvelous-gifts.com

Available at Poppies Stores in East Malaysia
Poppies – Sibu – No.13 Island Floor – 084-318722
Poppies – Kuching – 1st Floor, The Spring Shopping Mall – 082-236553
Poppies – Bintulu – Ground Floor, No.6 Lot 7227, Medan Central Commercial Center Jalan Tanjong Kidurong – 086-319722



You voted and this was by far the most liked item in Facebook. We received so many emails about this design that we had to make more. Five pieces will be going on sale this Friday so to the lucky five that buy them… treasure them! xox SS